Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 in Pictures

I've almost forgotten that this blog exists. Almost.

Again, it's the last day of the year and I'm here thinking, errr what happened to me in 2017 ah? So again, I looked through my photos taken this year to recap what has happened this year!

Chinese New Year was in January this year, and for my paternal family, instead of celebrating it here in BP like we usually do, we celebrated in Muar. It was quite fun, we all stayed in a homestay and it was fun having everybody there doing things Chong-style, that is, just eating and eating and eating all day. We missed my cousins, the 3 J's, but other than them everybody was there, which was really nice!

For my mum's side of the family, as usual, we all went to JB for the reunion dinner. After that we all went into Singapore and we got to meet up with my uncle's family there. It was so nice seeing my baby niece and nephew!

Apparently stairs are good places to take group photos.

I didn't get to come home in February, but that doesn't mean I didn't go anywhere that month. A friend got married in KL, and so a bunch of us traveled down for it.
Representing KT heyyyy! Also, congrats #meldwin!

I guess it was around this time that we started to realise that we were in our final year of medical school, and that in a few months we would no longer all be together in KT. We started to think about going places we had heard of but never felt touristy enough to visit before then.

Group 4 and our shades of blue shirts at "Pepsi Blue Lake"

It was in this month that my group started our Family Medicine posting in Dungun. In our 3 weeks there, my Dungun-housemates and I took to going for mini-road trips/day trips on the weekends. The first weekend, we drove down to Kuantan.
Postings-outside-of-KT housemates!

Our second weekend of our posting in Dungun, we decided to drive down to Kemaman, where a friend was having her Orthopaedics posting. So we kidnapped her for the day and visited the beach we never went to when we had our posting there the previous year haha
Hello (again), Kemaman!

Living in the same house as Karen meant, of course, the two durian-lovers in us couldn't resist buying durians so we bought them two days in a row, and the second time turned into a spontaneous durian party, because durians always taste better if you have people fighting you for it eh?
Why? Just. Because durian.

Within that week we were back in KT, to the land where we had wifi and therefore a decreased desire to see each others' faces hahaha. It was Niko's birthday the weekend we were back in KT, though, and heyyyyy the whole family - daddy mummy koko niko eeeeeveryone, all made it to KT to celebrate. (Truth: we were thinking of going up to KB where Niko is based to celebrate his birthday, but decided that my turtleland had more to offer haha #ganupride #yesimstartingtogetintothishashtagbusiness) It was soooo nice to finally have the whole fam together again after so long!
Reunited and it feels so good!

I think May was when everyone really started to get a bit more sentimental. Our juniors organised a farewell dinner for the Year Fivers, and I have to say, they really did put a lot of effort and heart into it. Soooo many photos were taken that night, and so I'll just post the main group photo!
Batch 2012/2017

We also had our last day of proper classes in this month, and my amazingly crazy sporting group members decided that we would all pakat to wear blue, and somehow we ended up taking photos in the fake-grass-field that had found itself to be our photoshoot spot for the second year in a row.
I miss this bunch of people!

My birthday this year (also my first baptism-birthday) was spent in KT, and although I was away from home, away from my family, I am blessed that I had friends and family-angkat who celebrated with me.
"Amanda holds the cake, everyone else grab something random and smile for the camera!"
KTBC Food Lovers' Club. I'm not even kidding, that's really what we're called haha

July. Soooo many things happened in July. Let's see, I took my finals, my very last exams of medical school. By the grace of God (and with all the prayers of everybody), I graduated from medical school! Medical school, 5 years, and God was with me every single step of the way. I would not, could not, have done it without Him.
So, so, so happy and relieved we all got through it together!

It was official, we really would be leaving KT, we were done with uni. With that, things really started happening non-stop and there was barely any time to breathe. It was fine, though. We had all passed our exams and were running on the high of that so we just went on with everything, not wanting to miss out on anything before we all left KT.
BP friends who FINALLY came to visit before we left KT
Makan after filming for our part of the lecturers' appreciation video
My Ah Kues also came to visit
In an unexpected turn of events, we ended up performing on the Appreciation Night, and Ruby and I suddenly found ourselves stuck with a bunch of 3 emo Penang boys XD
The people I called my classmates for 5 years :')
The people who gave me a place to call home in KT
We tried doing the posey-posey nice-nice photo thing, realised we weren't a bunch of people who know how to pose well, and eventually sort of just went "aiya whatever lah" and ended up with a selfie instead
As I said, we can't do the nice-photo thing. What we apparently can do well, though, is laugh like a bunch of crazy hyenas on camera. Who needs normal-looking photos? Definitely not us. Also, REDANG! It was a good little trip. Amazing island, even better company.
Ex-CFers seriously having serious fun together in Tadom Hill Resort

Convocation month!
Convo buddies!
Quadruple celebrations in JB for mine and Joyce's graduation, as well as Faith and Jayne's birthdays
My grandma, my boss!
The Chongs happy after food

And then and then and then, we finally made the family trip to Japan we have been dreaming of since we were young! Sadly, though, my camera chose this time to completely conk out on me so I'm going to have to get the photos from whoever took them, but all I can say is this. I wanna go back there to Japan someday, and preferably with my family again! It was such an awesome holiday!

Being unemployed and back home in BP definitely has its perks. I finally got to meet up with some ex-classmates, some of whom I hadn't seen in years.
More than half of the people in this photo were unemployed at that point of time. Unemployment for the win!

Me and some of my uni friends also managed to go on a road trip, we spent 11 days in each others' hometowns, eating each others' favourite food, and doing our best to see each others' faces enough to get sick of each other. Some of the photos we took in some of the places we went:
First stop: Batu Pahat!
Same baju day in Penang
The last meal of the road trip, also in Penang

Everything from here on out can be summed up with just "because unemployment". I managed to do things and go places I'd otherwise wouldn't be able to.

A weekend in KL with the girls for Anlynn's birthday weekend
Distant Worlds concert (finally!) in Singapore (thanks koko!)
Living it up on a cruise. I could really get used to that life. I can't imagine why anyone rich would ever travel any other way at all. Cruises are the way to go man!

Aaron's birthday surprise in KL
The Spain-Portugal trip I enjoyed way more than I ever expected to
Meet-up with some other ex-classmates
Helping out at SU's NSCFL Camp for the first time as a camp officer, and getting the opportunity to lead the dream group. These amazing people made the camp for me! #groupthesslonica

And finally, we've reached the month of December. It was a month of celebration, starting with a close friend from secondary school getting married!
Congrats, Syak! I am so happy for you!

And then, of course there was Christmas, which was great, but as usual, I was too busy eating to take many photos hehehe.

This year was good. Great, actually. I finished medical school, and had a full year surrounded by friends and family. No matter what changes I went through, God was constantly there for me, as always, leading and guiding me, and His love and faithfulness never ceases to amaze me. New year coming up? Unemployment (funemployment heyyy!) likely to end soon-ish (awwwww #sadface)? With God by my side, on my side, I know He will guide me through whatever life may throw my way.

Happy new year, everybody, I hope the new year brings you loads of love and joy, and most importantly, peace!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

I'm On My Way

Finally, after wayyyyy too long, I'm on the way home! :D

Also, I'm on my way to the end of a chapter in my life. Classes have ended, exams are coming up, this is it!

There are soooo many thoughts swimming around in my head, but for now, I'm just going to close my eyes, enjoy a bumpy sleep and hopefully when I wake up I'll be back in BP! This girl has missed her home!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

Who says Valentine's Day is only for couples to celebrate? Definitely not me!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Always remember that you are loved, even if you don't feel it! Sending a giant virtual hug out to everybody who needs or just wants one! :D

Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 in Pictures

Anyone who knows me well know that I have an horrible memory.

So while people were talking about how fast their 2016 went (I agree, SO SCARY 2016 just flew by piuuuuuu like that) and what they have done and achieved this year, I was just sitting there thinking "errrrr what happened this year ah? What was this year and what was last?"

So I decided to look through the photos I have taken this past year and I guess that would be a pretty good representation of my 2016. With that, here are some photos from throughout the year that I haven't posted!

I had my Community Medicine posting in January, and that was... errrr... an adventure in itself. It was a lot of time spent with my group members though, and I really thank God that my I had this fun bunch of people to get through that posting together with me!
Stronger together!

My February was a really happening one. Other than CNY, which I blogged about earlier in the year, there was the JDT match, which I also blogged about.
Johoreans and honorary Johoreans for the night

Sometimes, when it's someone's birthday, we try to have a group chat so we can all see each other and talk to each other (or rather, talk over each other hehe) for a bit. So in March, we did that for mummy's birthday.
The people with whom the truest part of myself is never hidden

In April, I got to go home because we celebrated Ah Chiah's 80th birthday (and niko's birthday too! :D). Since it was an 80th birthday celebration, we made it a relatively big one, with extended family and Ah Chiah's in-laws and all.
I probably can't name them all, but my granny sure can!

Since going to KT, I have tried to meet my BP friends every once in a while, and in May there was some Thai festival thing, and so I went with Fong Yee and Ruby!
Matching coconut ice-cream... which I bought out of sheer peer pressure XD

Okay, this is the one month I can actually remember because there was a very special day for me in it. This month was the month of my baptism, which was also on my birthday! I also blogged about this, but basically, daddy, mummy and koko went to KT for it, and niko was supposed to join us in KT but he had an exam so we ended up making a spontaneous trip that night to spend some time with him in KB. That day was pretty much perfect. I got to be baptised - which signified my union with the death and life of Christ, and I got to spend time with my family. I think it's pretty cool that from now on, my birthday is no longer just my birthday, but also a day I get to celebrate being born again! :D
Let Your light shine through me, Father, for I am Yours!
P.S.: I didn't even know this photo was taken by mummy. I literally just saw this picture before posting it here!

Any day with my favourite people on earth is a good day :D

Since I was on my study break early July, I could be home for koko's birthday. It was also in July that I had my Professional 2 exam, which I passed thanks to the grace of God. With that, I was done with Year 4 of medical school, and on my way to my final year.
Koko's last year celebrating a birthday in his 20s!

August was pretty fun. I did my elective posting then, at PPIA, where I learnt a lot and had an amazing time. I met new people, made new friends, tried new things, and learnt to see things differently. It was an eye-opening experience, getting to experience life as a longer-term volunteer there first-hand.
Spend one day with these JTC students and tell me their smiles and laughs aren't contagious XD

Another eye-opening experience I got to be a part of in August was the mission exposure trip daddy and mummy's Bible study group organised, to Myanmar. Besides learning and doing new things, we got to meet new people (and make new friends), and experience a whole new way of life and a different culture.
The team in the Myanmar equivalent of a sarong HAHA sorry I forgot what it's called

It doesn't look like much happened in September for me, but one picture that is too good to be kept to myself is one I took in one of my university's toilet cubicles. The lock has been problematic for a long time, and previously, people had tried using things like raffia strings and forks and other things to try and lock the door, but in September, a genius found a new "lock", in the form of a metal tissue-holder XD
Pure genius. Loo-roll-holder door lock. Wow.

All of a sudden, it looks like I had a busy October, with lots of photos taken. One scary thing that happened in October was that Ah Chiah was hospitalised. She was supposed to go for a holiday with my aunties in Taiwan the day after that, but she was vomiting and having diarrhoea, and it was so bad that she had to be warded. Of course, poor Ah Chiah had to miss the trip she was so looking forward to. That was scary, hearing about and seeing my ever-so-strong grandma being so frail and weak in a hospital. It broke my heart thinking about her in that state. Thank God, though, that she has been making her way to a full recovery :)
Friends and family always make things better :)

In November, KT said goodbye to Fong Yee, who graduated and left us with one less Batu Pahatian there. She was the first of us to be thrown there to study, so it's only fair that she's the first one to leave ;)
Congrats, Fong Yee! :DDD

All of a sudden, it's December! I came home for my Christmas/New Year break, and guess what? I FINALLY got my hair cut to be donated to Locks of Hope to be made into wigs for cancer patients.
I'm saving so much shampoo right now with my short hair!

And just like that, it's time to say goodbye to 2016 and hello to a new year. The years seem to be going by faster and faster. Whatever it is, God is good, and God is faithful, and it is only because of Him that I am truly alive.

Thank You, Father, for bringing me through yet another year. Looking back, I can see Your hands at work, and I can see the many blessings You have poured out onto me. You are awesome! I look forward to a new year, and I trust that with You in control, it's going to be another good year. I have the feeling that 2017 will be a year of growth for me, but I'm not too worried, because I know I have You in the driver's seat!

See you all in 2017! ;D