Saturday, June 17, 2017

I'm On My Way

Finally, after wayyyyy too long, I'm on the way home! :D

Also, I'm on my way to the end of a chapter in my life. Classes have ended, exams are coming up, this is it!

There are soooo many thoughts swimming around in my head, but for now, I'm just going to close my eyes, enjoy a bumpy sleep and hopefully when I wake up I'll be back in BP! This girl has missed her home!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

Who says Valentine's Day is only for couples to celebrate? Definitely not me!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Always remember that you are loved, even if you don't feel it! Sending a giant virtual hug out to everybody who needs or just wants one! :D

Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 in Pictures

Anyone who knows me well know that I have an horrible memory.

So while people were talking about how fast their 2016 went (I agree, SO SCARY 2016 just flew by piuuuuuu like that) and what they have done and achieved this year, I was just sitting there thinking "errrrr what happened this year ah? What was this year and what was last?"

So I decided to look through the photos I have taken this past year and I guess that would be a pretty good representation of my 2016. With that, here are some photos from throughout the year that I haven't posted!

I had my Community Medicine posting in January, and that was... errrr... an adventure in itself. It was a lot of time spent with my group members though, and I really thank God that my I had this fun bunch of people to get through that posting together with me!
Stronger together!

My February was a really happening one. Other than CNY, which I blogged about earlier in the year, there was the JDT match, which I also blogged about.
Johoreans and honorary Johoreans for the night

Sometimes, when it's someone's birthday, we try to have a group chat so we can all see each other and talk to each other (or rather, talk over each other hehe) for a bit. So in March, we did that for mummy's birthday.
The people with whom the truest part of myself is never hidden

In April, I got to go home because we celebrated Ah Chiah's 80th birthday (and niko's birthday too! :D). Since it was an 80th birthday celebration, we made it a relatively big one, with extended family and Ah Chiah's in-laws and all.
I probably can't name them all, but my granny sure can!

Since going to KT, I have tried to meet my BP friends every once in a while, and in May there was some Thai festival thing, and so I went with Fong Yee and Ruby!
Matching coconut ice-cream... which I bought out of sheer peer pressure XD

Okay, this is the one month I can actually remember because there was a very special day for me in it. This month was the month of my baptism, which was also on my birthday! I also blogged about this, but basically, daddy, mummy and koko went to KT for it, and niko was supposed to join us in KT but he had an exam so we ended up making a spontaneous trip that night to spend some time with him in KB. That day was pretty much perfect. I got to be baptised - which signified my union with the death and life of Christ, and I got to spend time with my family. I think it's pretty cool that from now on, my birthday is no longer just my birthday, but also a day I get to celebrate being born again! :D
Let Your light shine through me, Father, for I am Yours!
P.S.: I didn't even know this photo was taken by mummy. I literally just saw this picture before posting it here!

Any day with my favourite people on earth is a good day :D

Since I was on my study break early July, I could be home for koko's birthday. It was also in July that I had my Professional 2 exam, which I passed thanks to the grace of God. With that, I was done with Year 4 of medical school, and on my way to my final year.
Koko's last year celebrating a birthday in his 20s!

August was pretty fun. I did my elective posting then, at PPIA, where I learnt a lot and had an amazing time. I met new people, made new friends, tried new things, and learnt to see things differently. It was an eye-opening experience, getting to experience life as a longer-term volunteer there first-hand.
Spend one day with these JTC students and tell me their smiles and laughs aren't contagious XD

Another eye-opening experience I got to be a part of in August was the mission exposure trip daddy and mummy's Bible study group organised, to Myanmar. Besides learning and doing new things, we got to meet new people (and make new friends), and experience a whole new way of life and a different culture.
The team in the Myanmar equivalent of a sarong HAHA sorry I forgot what it's called

It doesn't look like much happened in September for me, but one picture that is too good to be kept to myself is one I took in one of my university's toilet cubicles. The lock has been problematic for a long time, and previously, people had tried using things like raffia strings and forks and other things to try and lock the door, but in September, a genius found a new "lock", in the form of a metal tissue-holder XD
Pure genius. Loo-roll-holder door lock. Wow.

All of a sudden, it looks like I had a busy October, with lots of photos taken. One scary thing that happened in October was that Ah Chiah was hospitalised. She was supposed to go for a holiday with my aunties in Taiwan the day after that, but she was vomiting and having diarrhoea, and it was so bad that she had to be warded. Of course, poor Ah Chiah had to miss the trip she was so looking forward to. That was scary, hearing about and seeing my ever-so-strong grandma being so frail and weak in a hospital. It broke my heart thinking about her in that state. Thank God, though, that she has been making her way to a full recovery :)
Friends and family always make things better :)

In November, KT said goodbye to Fong Yee, who graduated and left us with one less Batu Pahatian there. She was the first of us to be thrown there to study, so it's only fair that she's the first one to leave ;)
Congrats, Fong Yee! :DDD

All of a sudden, it's December! I came home for my Christmas/New Year break, and guess what? I FINALLY got my hair cut to be donated to Locks of Hope to be made into wigs for cancer patients.
I'm saving so much shampoo right now with my short hair!

And just like that, it's time to say goodbye to 2016 and hello to a new year. The years seem to be going by faster and faster. Whatever it is, God is good, and God is faithful, and it is only because of Him that I am truly alive.

Thank You, Father, for bringing me through yet another year. Looking back, I can see Your hands at work, and I can see the many blessings You have poured out onto me. You are awesome! I look forward to a new year, and I trust that with You in control, it's going to be another good year. I have the feeling that 2017 will be a year of growth for me, but I'm not too worried, because I know I have You in the driver's seat!

See you all in 2017! ;D

Friday, November 25, 2016

One More Month to Christmas!

It's the 25th of November. What does that mean?

Saturday, October 8, 2016


A picture of us when we were at the other end of the world for Niko's convocation more than 3 years ago, just because I miss my favourite people!

Monday, July 25, 2016

To God be the Glory :D

Father, I thank You for You are a great, big, wonderful God, and Your blessings and guidance are so overwhelmingly amazing.

I am officially done with Year 4 of medical school! This whole exam period was an experience for me, a time of growth. There were times when I felt so sure this was the year God would say "Alright, it's time for you to fail your exams so you'll change. It'll make you snap out of things and you'll start working harder. You'll come out of it better. This is for your own good". Although I prayed to pass, I was mentally preparing myself to either have to take the supplementary exams or to repeat the year.

I prayed for God to help me do well in the exams, but it wasn't easy for me to trust that God would do so. I remembered everything God has pulled me through, all the times He has helped me through everything. He lead me to passages and scriptures that spoke right to my heart at all the right times. Still, a part of me thought "This is it. This year is the year. Prepare for change".

But God is good. He gave me peace when I most needed it. He granted me favour and He was with me every step of the way. One of the days, after a part of the exams that I felt I did so badly, I was telling God that I wanted to pass, but if He wanted me to retake the exams or repeat the year then would He please grant me the obedience to accept it. Retrospectively, I think that was my way of shrugging off the disappointment and discouragement, and my excuse to just give up on the exams.

But God is kind. On that day, He sent so many different people, who, out of nowhere, offered me encouragement and showed me acts of love. I was reminded that God is always in control and that God loves me and is always looking out for me. He gave me Words of encouragement, and He stilled my frayed nerves and granted me peace of mind. He gave me reminders that He was with me. He had my back. There was nothing to fear.

The results were announced one day later than expected, and I wasn't in KT anymore when it happened. A friend had to message me my results and the moment my plane landed and stopped and we were allowed to turn on our phones, I waited for the message to appear with shaking hands. Finally the message that said "You passed!!!" came through.

God is so, so awesome. As Ephesians 3:20-21 says, "Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen."

Not only did he help me so that I didn't have to repeat the year or take the supplementary exams, not only did He spare me from having to take the borderline viva I prayed so hard I wouldn't be called for, but He gave me so much more than I asked for or even dared imagined possible. While I was worried about failing the exams, God was blessing me with more than I had asked for.

I was talking to mummy and daddy, and I told them how I knew God was with me throughout the exams, but the thing I really couldn't understand was why God let me do so badly on that one day, that one day that almost broke me and really made me think that God wanted me to fail this exams to bring Him the most glory by doing even better in the supplementary exams or by retaking Year 4.

Daddy said maybe God did that so that there would be no doubt that my results came from God. I think this may be it. If the results were really based on my performance, I know the results would have been different. Instead, because I have the favour of the Creator of the universe, the Maker of everything, the King of all kings and God of all gods, the outcome was not what I expected or deserved. It was better. When God is in control, which He always is, good things happen. People are blessed,

People may say that this isn't fair to the other students, because I have an unfair advantage of having God on my side. That's not true. It can't be unfair because this same advantage, this same leading and guiding hand, is offered to anyone who would accept it. My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. I have a direct line to Him because I have a relationship with Him, but this is not an unfair advantage because God cannot be unfair. It just isn't in Him to be unfair. This gift is offered to everyone willing to accept it.

Accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and my Saviour was the single best decision I have ever made in my entire life. I still have ups and downs, I still have struggles, I still face disappointment sometimes, but I can always know that God is in control. With Him in charge, I never have to have any fears.

To God be the glory, for He alone deserves it! :)))

P.S.: To all those who kept me in prayers throughout my exam period, thank you all so much! You guys rock! I appreciate this so much more than you know!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Daddy's Day!

I've heard it said that fathers are their daughters' first loves. I don't know about the other girls, but this is definitely true for me.

Dear Daddy,

Happy Father's Day!

You are my favourite, and my number 1, superhero! Whenever there is anything wrong in my life, I am never too worried because I know you'll always have my back, and that you will always be there to help me fix whatever things is broken my life. From shoes to electronic toys to electrical things to my life and the rough patches in it, you have always been there to pick me up and teach me to try and make the most out of every situation. You have taught me that there is nothing a little superglue and prayers can't fix, and I love you all the more for that.

Thank you for being the leader of the family in every way. You have gone above and beyond the duties of a father for our family, and without a shadow of a doubt we know that you would do anything for us. Your love for us is evident in everything you do for us.

Thank you, daddy, for always putting our family as your top priority. You never put your work or anything else above us, and I remember how you always made the time to fetch us from school or to tuition even though it would be in the middle of the workday. You always made sure you spent as much time as you could with us even when you were busy with work. We were always secure in your love, and we have never doubted that you were always there for us.

You were the one who took the difficult role of the disciplinarian when koko, niko and I were growing up. Thank you for that. I know it must have been difficult for you to discipline us whenever we did something wrong (which was pretty often hehe), but you still did it out of love for us, and because of that, we have grown up to be the men and woman we are today. You have taught us the difference between right and wrong, you have taught us to say what we mean and mean what we say, and you have taught us that discipline is important but should always be done in love, which you've always done. When I read Proverbs 3:11-12, I think of you. The things you have taught us to believe and to do are things I will forever keep in my heart, and I hope that one day, when I have my own children, I will be able to make sure they are brought up with the same principles you have instilled in us.

You are the one person whose words I always trust. If you were to tell me something is safe, I would bet my life that it was. If I have any questions or confusion about anything, especially anything to do with the Scripture, you are my favourite person to turn to, because your passion for the Word of God is so fun to witness, and because you will always explain things such that I would understand, but also encourage me to do my own research and push me closer to God.

If or when God leads me to a guy, he would have very very high standards to uphold because I subconsciously compare them all to you!

There are not enough words to thank you and to tell you how much I love you, so I'll just say thanks for everything! I love you so much!

P.S.: Thanks for being the best partner-in-crime for so many things ;)))